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The studio of psychology of Doctor Valeria Aloè, in Salita del poggio laurentino, 18 in Rome (underground stop “Eur Fermi” – line B), is a place of listening and hospitality for those who are in a particular moment of their lives and decide to invest in themselves, improving the quality of their personal, relational and working lives.
In the psychological field the most useful and effective tool is the psychological interview, a relational context characterized by an empathic climate and respect for privacy, aimed at achieving a shared objective by activating its own resources.

A psychotherapy represents a relational moment in which two people work together as if they were embarking together on a new journey, looking at the world from the same window.
Psychotherapy may include:
Management of conflict
• Stress management (dismissal, burn out, divorce, grief)
• Emotional problems
• relational problems (relationship with partner, parent-child relationship)
• Support for parenthood
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Personality Disorders
• Trauma

It can happen many times to be faced with a conflict, internal or external, and not to know how to manage this state. The conflict, in fact, arises at a time when there are two conflicting motivations with respect to a goal, which orient behavior differently. It is therefore all those circumstances in which the individual would like to simultaneously implement incompatible behaviors between them.
Despite the nature of a conflict can be quite different, to manage it means to try to facilitate a contact between the different opposing tendencies, respecting the needs and times of each, identifying them and integrating them functionally into the personality of the individual.
How often we find ourselves in a particularly stressful period. Well, stress is an experience experienced by each individual throughout his or her life, and it is unpleasant experiences of various kinds that require some kind of adaptation on the part of the person. In particular, it is essential to try to understand what are the resources that the person possesses and what are the appropriate strategies to overcome these situations, restoring the psycho-physical well-being.

Not only personal difficulties can cause a feeling of discomfort, temporary or prolonged, but also relational problems can be a source of discomfort.
To relate means to share, to confront, but above all to communicate. Communication is the basis of every relationship, which implies the sharing of different visions within an interactive process between people, where each participant must be prepared to listen to the other.
But sometimes there can be obstacles in communication that affect the quality of the relationship. These can be the emotional state of one or both people, of misunderstandings or quarrels, the inability to listen, the formation of prejudices, the distance, and many others.
Obviously the greatest difficulty, but at the same time the ultimate objective, is to be able to repair such disjunctions, returning to contact with the other person and restoring a serene and harmonious atmosphere.

Psychotherapy is also aimed at those who are experiencing a moment of personal crisis and who wish to improve their physical and mental well-being:
Personal growth and self-efficacy
• Psycho-physical well-being and self-confidence improvement
• Effective communication strategies

English Speaking Psychologist Rome
Dott.ssa  Valeria Aloè
Tel.  340 8519945
Salita del poggio laurentino 18, Zona Eur – Roma
Metro B – fermata Eur Fermi

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